on Monday, 20th of April 2015
i left home at 12 p.m to rail station Bandung, i arrived there 1 hours later and got my ticket directly. i had lunch while waited about 2 hours untill that train came. when i heard that our train had come, our guide had us entered each wagon that the number had printed on each ticked. then we had a long trip to Surabaya.
about at 6 a.m we arrived in Surabaya, we had breakfast and took a rest in some hours at restaurant local. afterthat we went to Ketapang Harbour and continued our trip to Bali.
finaly we arrived at Nirmala hotel in Denpasar, Bali. after our guide had given the key of each room out, i directly washed my body then slept over that night.
that folowing days, we went to TanjungBenoa Water Sport, each students had to choose some water sport there to be played by, my friends and i got a scuba diving. when we had arrived there, our guide gave each ticked of each water sport. we went to a scuba diving spot and got some instruction about how to use respirator and they told us some hands code on certain situation, thumb means we have no problem, shaking hands means emergency situation, etc. we went to a middle of sea by a boat, after all of equipment of diving had been ready, our guide drop us off from a bout and led us to a depth sea. at first i coldn't see anything there just blue water but after we dived more deep i could see creature there, how amazing it is! this is a video that we had ourguide took when we were diving.
afterthat, we took a bath and continued our trip to Pandawa Beach. we had sport competitions there, like football, play kano (a little boat that have two deep circles for two people sit), etc. then we went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, each class would take a pic in front of a big Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue and see a Tari Kecak perfomance there.  we had diner at Jimbaran Bay Restaurant, it was amazing cause we would have diner in coast with a beatiful night view of beach and be entertained by music classic. after wehad finished our diner, we blew lampions off.

on the fourth day, we went to Desa Adat Penglipuran that all of  villager's house are same. we had some game there to be played by each class, it was so interested. we had lunch at Kintamani Restaurant, there are many kind of food that we can eat so kintamani restaurant use to be called all you can eat restaurant. its air condition cool and fresh, we can see a beautiful view of highlands and to reach there we have to take a long trip cause it is far from town. about 1 p.m we came back to nirmala hotel for neon party at that night. that was our quality time for our solidarity, there were music perfomances, video about us, nominates announcement of many categories and Dj' perfomance at the end of party.

on fifth day, we went to kuta beach, that was a free time, we could go to anywhere around there. my friend and i went to beach walk. we just had 3 hours for traveling there and gathered at krisna for lunch and shoping. afterthat we went to tanah lot for taking some pic, enjoying that view and spending that evening there before we would go back to bandung, yes it was our last destination in bali. about at 2 p.m we left to gilimanuk harbour and took a long trip again to bandung.

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