CAMP RT is my school's camping activity. On friday morning all of us gathered in school yard first then started on our school camping trip which took place at Rancaupas. After two hours on the road, we finally wound up at our destination. And we had a really nice time. Stressful? Well…yes. But fun. We set our tent up and made our meals for lunch.

After having lunch, we did adventure activities like going from one post to another post by doing some challenges they gave to us and we had to pass slippery muddy road. I think that's exciting activities! even though it make dirts on our clothes and shoes. we came back to our campsite about at 5p.m, and then cleaned ourself up.

In the evening, we had campfire event like singing, laughing, talking, and telling some story. I feel happy because we become closer to each other. About 12 a.m we ended the night and slept in our tent.

We woke up at 5 a.m. After shalat shubuh, we started the day by making our meals for breakfast and taking a bath. We also did some activities like the day before, moved from one post to another post to play some games and came back to our campsite, packed our goods for going home.

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