10:00  Open Gate
10:00  Calung
10:30  Benjang
10:45  Orchestra Semi Dangsut
11:15  Degung
11:30  Reog
11:45  Musik Klasik 3
12:05  Pencak Silat
12:35  Tiloe's Theatre
12:55  Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3
13:15  Games
14:00  Sambasunda Junior
14:30  Wayang Golek Giriharja
15:10  Saung Angklung Udjo
15:40  Indonesia Bamboo Community
16:00 Close Gate
16:00  Barsena & Kelompok Vokal 3
17:00  Glen Fredly
18:00  Debus

My Activities During This Event
Because i'm a member of Tiloe's Theatre who would perform in this event, more time i spent to practice our perfomance in backstage. After we performed, i went to toilet to change my costum and came back there. I visited my stand class and spent that time by talking around with my friends. We also saw another perfomance from Wayang Golek Giriharja, Indonesia Bamboo Community, etc. Some hours later, i felt hungry so me and my friend decided having lunch at FoodFest spot. At praying time, we went to my friend's house that's near from there to pray and came back when Barsena and Glen Fredly would perfom. We enjoyed that night cheerfully until the end and we went home.

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