My Last Holiday

On my last holiday, nothing special happened. More time i spent in my house seriously. Just did usual activities like waking up in the morning, having a breakfast, taking a bath, watching a movie, praying, cleaning my house, having lunch, sleeping over the noon, etc. That's a boring holiday, right?! I think so. So now i have no story about my last holiday.
Some part of my holiday i went to water kingdom in bogor, i think it's one of my unforgettable moment. As long as with my family i enjoyed that day happily. So that boring holiday became more exciting at that time.
We woke up in the morning to leave off to bogor. Because we hadn't a breakfast first, we ate some food that my mother brought in our car. I slept over the trip to bogor so when i woke up, i had arrived in there. We changed clothes first before playing water. Aftertthat we spent that day by playing water. When we had felt tired, we took a bath and ready for coming back home. The end~

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