I want to tell you about my amazing experience. In october 2014, my school, SMAN 3 Bandung held Bakti Desa event where we would live at villagers houses for 3 days and follow their usual activities. This is one of my school's main education programme that is aimed to teach us how to survive in a real life. can you guess that? live far from your parents, do something that you never do before, feel free without thinking about your assignment haha and breathe in fresh air not pollution one. that is interesting, isn't that?
in that morning, i arrived at school yard. i looked for my class' transportation to go to that village. i saw my classmate, then asked him where girls' transportation is, because our transportation is separated between girls and boys. He showed me the way, I took my seat comfortably and all of us enjoyed that trip happily.
When we arrived there, we took our goods and put them in Balai Desa. There would be open ceremony this event, so we wait at yard in front of that building while listening to what commite said. Actually my friends and I weren’t really listening to that, we were too busy with our activities like taking some pic of us or eating some snack we brought or talking about everything that we wanted. Afterthat we had lunch together and prepared to go to villager's houses. We had to walk so far on uphill road and pass some ricefield to arrive there. we were devided into some group and i was in the same group with Naila, Tiya and Reksa, each group would stay in a villagers house and do their activities together, so someone acompany us to that place.
when we arrived there, i saw an orange house with scallion field in front of and behind that house, i thought the house was not bad for me because it wasn't like that i thought before, it was better than other house that i saw around there. An old woman who is house owner went out of that house, she was smiled and allow us to enter her house. she stayed in that house alone, her husband passed away years ago and all of her children had married and stayed at different house around there so that caused her house was so quiet. beside in front of and behind her house, she also had some scallion field in some spot in this villlage, she didn't take care of her field by herself but she had some labor to do that, so she just stayed at home. we tidied our goods then we talked about everything to make a good relation with her while eating some snack that she gave.
we went out of the house in that afternoon, we wanted to play kite and jump rope with some kids living around there. afterthat my classmate held a meeting in our basecamp to plan our event that we hold for kids, finally we decided to make some games that we played together with them like football. we went to football field on the top of hill so we had to walk so far to reach there. when we arrived there, the boys played football with the kids and the girls took some pics of us because the view is so beautiful, we could see everything from there. we came back home to rest in that evening.
when we arrived home, she had provided us somekind of food for having dinner, we took a bath before having dinner then watching TV, i never think it would be easy like this so i felt so good today. we slept after watching TV and talking about everything while eating some snack in our bedroom.
the day after, we woke up at 5 a.m and prayed before we did activities, we planned to go to a traditional market for buying something that can be cooked by us. after buying all of we need, we cooked many kind of foods and had breakfast before we gardened on her scallion field. we went out of her house to that field, when we arrived there she taught me how to pull out dry leaves from the plants because it cause badly produce of plants. after we worked all day long we decided to go to citarum river that is far from there but naila and the old woman wanted to cameback home early so only Tiya, Reksa and i who went there, the farmer show us the way to reach citarum river but in the middle of our trip we lost that way so we just followed the water flowing to citarum river. after taking somehours to get there, we met our friends eating on the side of river, they offered us to join and have lunch with them. after having lunch we wanted to go to the river but the farmer warn us not to go there bacause the flowing water was bad so we cameback home with disappointed feel.
we took a bath because we were so dirty after that trip and tooke a rest while watching TV.
in that evening, we wanted to join Pawai Obor for celebrating islam's new year. our classmate planned a meeting in our basecamp to go to Pawai Obor together, then one of villagers dropped us off that place. when we arrived there we saw many villagers walked together by holding obor to some spot untill 2 a.m because that trip was so far, our teacher didn't allow us to join them so that we held our event like bonfire but my classmate separated ourself with them and make event by ourself, we played Truth Or Dare. i think that night was so excited, we so closed each other and we laughed together. we cameback home about at 10 p.m.
the final day, we just stayed at home and packed our goods. about at 12 a.m all of us went to Balai Desa again to attand close ceremony of this event. before tiya, reksa, naila and i went out of that old woman's house we took some pics of us for memorial. at 1 p.m we had come back to our school.

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