My Dream, My Future

In the past, I wanted to be a Doctor because i wanted to help many people in the future. When I saw a movie thriller where there was someone who killed someone else by cutting their body that inspired me to be a Surgeon, i was curious to see internal organs of human. Then I told my family and  they were shocked why I wanted to be like that. Even my friend said that i was a psychopath because of my habbit that's like watching a movie thriller, I just laughed when I heard that.
When I was in Senior High School, i doubt about my dream that wanted to be a surgeon because i don't like a biology subject so i thought that again if I choosed to be a surgeon, i would have difficulty in that subject.
When I was in Eleven Grade, i met Drawing Techniques subject. I was very interested in drawing, so i decidded to be an Architect. I learned many things about it and i want to practice my skill in drawing so i can be an Architect. I told my mom that i want to be an Architect but my mom seemed like she don't like that, she asked me if i was sure about that. she worried that i can do that, she seemed like she prefer i become a Doctor to an Architect but i said that i will try it. when i told my father even he seemed very excited when i decided to be an Architect and he supported me.
I will study hard to reach my dream now because my future in my hands so i have to do many things to make that come true, nothing happens if we just enjoy our life without efforts.

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