My Last Holiday

    Last Holiday, I spent many time at home by reading some novels, watching some movies, playing with my cousin,sleeping at night, getting up at morning, having breakfast, lunch and dinner. it's so boring, isn't it? my parents had work at that time, so we couldn't make this one as fantastic things that I have to tell.

    I have a younger sister and brother who live in far place. they always come back home just at holiday time, so that's enough for me to feel excited at that time. we went to PVJ to play ice skating, at first i still can't balance my body and fall accidently. More i tried more i could, and finally i had played it well, we also went to some restaurants to have culinary tour because all of us like eating.

    once upon a time, my friends in junior high school invited me to hike keraton cliff in dago. I am interested in adventure activity, so i joined them to go there. we prepared many things that we need then started our trip. after reaching dago high by car, we kept on walking at footpath untill that cliff. that's far enough to arrive there, we took a rest few times and suddenly it was rain, so we had to walk with raincoat. finally we arrived there, then took many pic, saw a beautiful view and had lunch. about 4 p.m at that time we came back home with dirty and wet clothes but it was very exciting.

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